Storeee User Guide, Step By Step

Nihaojewelry has been focus on cross-border e-commerce for 7 years. And for better development, they have made a app called

The Storeee has the function of directly setting up your own online store. No matter dropshipping, wholesale or distribution business, even supplier business, you can achieve all of them on Storeee.


Now, let me introduce Storeee in detail.

For rendering more people can start a business with zero risk, and easy to make a profit, Storeee is born.

  • Register:

You can enter into Storeee through the link:, and you will get the following page.

You can register an account with your Facebook account, which is convenient.

Next you will get a “Store Setting” page, you need to make a name or brand for your online store.

Please pay attention to the “ Domain Name ”, it’s so important. Your brand or store name should be included in it. Your customer come to your store through the domain name.

After that, you will come to your website management page.

As you can see, the number of orders and customers, turn over will display here. Now, I will explain each function button.


This button includes four parts. Click ” List “, you can see all the products that you have selected.

Click ” Add Products “, you can directly add your existing products to your store.

Click ” Sharing Products “, you can share your products on your Facebook to attract more customers.

See our How to use Facebook’s marketing tools?

Click ” Group-buying “, you can set discount activity to increase sales volumes.

2.Product Library

Click here to Nihaojewelry’s product library, you can add any product you want, and the available products defaults to 200 pieces.

See our How to select products.


Click ” Category “, you need to set your online store’s categories, and choose product that you want to display on your online store.

See our How to create the category.


Click here you can check the detailed information of all your orders.


Click here you can check the detailed information of all your customers.


Click here you can set coupons for your customers.


This button contains three parts. You can set payment methods, shipping methods, and detailed information of your store in here.

Let me describe to you more detail about this part.

  • Payment Method Settings

Here you can set up your store’s payment method. Just click “ Add ”, you need to fill in the information and choose the payment method, PayPal or Bank Card.

After you set up your payment method, here is the display status of it in your store.

Your customers will pay for you through the payment method you have set. And it will inform you by the contact way you have set.

  • Shipping Method Settings

You need to click the Add button to complete the shipping method information.

In this part, you need to complete the following steps :

  1. Shipping Method Name.
  2. The basic shipping fee. That is, your customer needs to pay the fee if the weight of the product purchased by your customer is within the basic weight range you have set.
  3. You need to set the basic weight. It means if the weight of the items that your customer has purchased do not exceed the basic weight that you had established, the shipping cost will calculate according to the basic weight.
  4. If the weight of the items that has exceeded the basic weight. Then, the shipping cost will be calculated as the total weight minus its basic weight. Then divide by 500 grams and multiply by its cost by 500 grams increased from the basic weight, add from the basic fee you have set. That is, if the basic fee is 5 USD, the basic weight is 5kg, the cost per 500 grams increased is 5 USD. If your customer buy less than 5 kg, the shipping cost is 5 USD, If your customer buy 10kg, the shipping cost is (10000g-5000g)/500g*5usd+5usd=55usd.
  5. You can decided Free shipping method or not.
  • Store Settings

You can update your store information in this page at any time.

a.Frequently Asked Questions Settings

You can write some questions that you think your customers might find in your store and give the corresponding answers.

b.Contact Us

You can complete your contact information here, at least one of them. These contact ways are important, cause your customers’ orders and payment information are notified to you through them.

c.Privacy Policy

You can complete the privacy policy here, which will make your store more formal and protect your rights.

Click these icons, your customers can see this at the client’s port.

You should complete the terms of service.

When your client clicks on one of your products, you can see the Terms of services in the circle of the page, and you only need to click on this place to see the terms of service you have established.

8.Activate Your Store

After you finish all these steps, you can activate your online store. Then start your entrepreneurial journey.

And here is the store look.

If you have rich experience but don’t have enough capital, just come to Storeee. If you are new to this industry but want to have a try, come to Storeee.

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