How To Use Facebook’s Marketing Tools?

It’s important for businessmen to do a great marketing. There are so many effective ways to do marketing. And using social platforms is timesaving and cost-saving.

After you set up your own store on Storeee, You can share your products on Facebook with one click.

First, click the ” Product ” button. Then choose ” Sharing Products “.

Then click the product that you want to share. After that, you just need click ” Share “.

Next, you will come to an editing page. You can add description for the product you will share. After doing all these, you just confirm that to post to Facebook. And all information will be synced to your Facebook account.

I have to admit that using social platforms for marketing is a very feasible method, which make your products quickly expose in public eyes. You don’t have to spend too much energy and time, and you finish them just one click on Storeee. So, hope you guys enjoy this function on Storeee.

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