How To Start Selecting Products And Create The Category?

Congratulations on your successful registration, how do we start picking our products and creating our catalog after completing the registration? Here are the detailed guides:

1.On the left side of the page, you can see a list. You can select the products you need in the Product Library tab. The following are specific categories:

You can quickly edit the products you have selected by clicking “ Fast Displaying ”. And you can edit the price of the item and select the category to which it belongs.

You can also press “ Add Product ” to add the product to the list you are going to edit or put on the shelf.

2.In the list on the left side of the page, you can access the edit page of the directory by clicking the button “Category”.

Press the button “Add” to add a new directory. The content refers to the body of the directory, the directory name keyword and the description, and please select the state of the directory. After the final addition is completed, press the Confirm key.

You can find the products you have previously added in the Related Products page and view the products you have added in the “Relevant”, and view the products that have not been added with “Irrelevant”.

You can tick the products you want to select, and click the button “Relevant” to add the product to your chosen directory.

At the same time, you can cancel the tick of products in “Related”, and click the button “Disassociation” to remove the product.

Quickly complete the above steps and open your own store as soon as possible!

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