How To Start Purchasing?

Enter the store and purchase goods, the specific operation is as followed:

1.Enter the store

You can come to the store through the store link, and you need to register an account. Directly upload with your facebook account is convenient.

2.Add products to shopping cart

You can search for the desired products by the category, or directly input the product you want. Then you just click the product and click “ Add to cart ”.

3.Enter Into The Shopping Cart To Confirm

If you have finished shopping, you will need to go to the shopping cart to confirm the items you purchased, and then you can make a payment.

4.Place An Order

After checking your desired products, you should place an order now. On this page, you need to fill in some information, such as address, payment method ( Paypal, Bank Card ), shipping method and so on. Once you finish them, just click “Order Generated ” , and you will get a order number.


After you get the order number, the seller will receive your information. And they will contact you to finish the payment through you selected payment method.

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