How To Create And Set Up My Website?

Storeee is a great platform for the majority of wholesalers and sellers. You can use this platform to directly resell products from nihaojewelry. At the same time, you can also sell your own products directly. But how do we do this in order to create our own website?

1. Log in to our website , and you can register with your facebook account.

2.First of all, you can arbitrarily select the product you want to add to your website on this page. Of course, you can skip this link for the time being.

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3.Then you can set up your store:

  • Set a store name, it can be your brand name. If you already have a brand name, then fill it in. If not yet, you can add a new brand name.
  • Fill in your email address
  • Fill in your contact name
  • Fill in your contact number, please remember to add the country code before the number.
  • Choose the language you are used to. ( This language can be English or Spanish. )
  • Select the currency you use for trading, this currency can be US dollars or Mexican currency.
  • Create the domain name that your store will use. This domain name will be used as the your future store’s URL, so it’s very important.
  • Please upload a picture of your own trademark, this picture will be displayed in your store in the future.

4.After clicking the Next button, your store will be registered successfully. At this time, you can start to perform specific operations on your store.

This is the specific operation of the store registration. I believe that after reading this introduction, you should be familiar with the registration process. Please act quickly and register it!

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