How To Start Distribute china products

For You

Build your own e-commerce website

Step1 You
Step2 Sign up and set up your e-commerce site
Step3 Choose products from 100,000+ popular China Products "warehouse"
Step4 Easy share product to facebook or other marketing right

Get sales and process orders

Step5 purchase products right
Step6 Deliver to your customer right
Step7 Order from your e-commerce site
For buyer

Place order on your store

Step8 right
Step9 Buyers arrived your e-commerce website through your share right
Step10 Browse products and place order right
Step11 Received the product
  • Step1

    Set up your e-commerce website
    Register via facebook and And build your own e-commerce Website, complete the corresponding freight, Payment and other Setings
  • Step2

    Category & Products
    Select the product you want to sell from 100,000+ china products in the admin and create categorys for it
  • Step3

    Started marketing
    Using our group purchase, facebook automatically establishes the post function to conduct marketing activities on facebook, and more marketing help to get orders can be paid attention to our blog and social platform
  • Step4

    Process an order
    Review the order from your administration page and complete the purchase of the order, deliver the products to the buyer and complete the transaction. Dropshipping also It's possible.
  • Step5

    Make a profit
    After completing the order, you can easily get the balance of profit . you can optimize your store, add products, categories, marketing and so on